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People and Stones - Old Friends
A gemstone is more than a symbol. Each and every stone is also an unmistakable individual, a synthesis of light and color, form and liveliness. Each stone has its own personal character. To wed the right stone with the right person, I apply my specialized knowledge as an academically trained gemmologist, but above all I rely on my intuition and experience: with stones, with jewelry, with people.

It has to do with the way a gem's light can open a person's heart, the way the profundity of a gemstone can encourage a person to succeed in life's tasks, the way a particular color can strengthen life, the way gold can encourage energy and inner anchorage. But a piece of jewelry only acquires its real value when it enters into a relationship with the person who wears it every day.

That's why, when you and I conceive a new piece expressly for you, I pay particular attention to the essentials: naturalness and simplicity. The proportions must be just right so that you can rediscover yourself in the piece. The correct gem should be a personal friend. And the piece of jewelry which bears that stone should be a perennial source of security, health, joy and courage.